Monday, November 11, 2013


I know I told some of you that I was doing it, of sorts. But I changed my mind.*

But I'll be doing writing either way, so that's something!

Again, I apologise for not, y'know, giving you any of this writing that I have.

(*That was a nicer way of saying 'I gave up'.)

Sunday, September 8, 2013


I know this sounds like that dumb last post from July, but I've actually done writing. For real. I didn't add to the Ivy story, but I might go back to that one at some point. Instead, I've started a new one again, but it's exceptionally good, and I'm halfway through chapter three even though I started it a few days ago, and I'm not posting it here yet.


Monday, July 15, 2013


Just so you know, I haven't been doing absolutely nothing since the last post. Granted, I was doing MOSTLY nothing, but I did do a bit of writing.

I just finished writing chapter five, and I'll be completely honest with you - it's only a page long. I basically needed to put in a little something that I might even end up taking out, but since it's so short I'm not going to post it here. I might eventually, but I think I'm going to just write the next few chapters and then (maybe) post them all at once. Because if I post them one by one, I feel like I subconsciously tell myself I can take a break from writing because I have 'accomplished' something. And then I stop. So I'm going to wait a bit.

Keep in mind that I may end up changing my mind completely, but this is just my decision as of right now.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Chapter Four (FINALLY)


Ivy frowned as Anomaly started walking towards the noise. She could've sworn she'd just seen... Her eyes widened. “Anomaly! Get down!”

“What? Why?” Anomaly asked, but Ivy had already lunged at her, knocking her over just before a shower of bullets passed over head.

She stared at Ivy in surprise. “How did you know...?”

“I just did. We should probably go now.”

“Well, do you have any ideas how to?”

“We could teleport. That usually works for me.”

“It takes too much energy to go far enough to get away and you know that.” She paused a second. “I've got an idea. Stand up on the count of three and stay behind me, all right?”

“They have guns pointed at us and you want me to stand up? Are you insane?”

“No,” she answered, “but you are.” She glanced back at them for a brief moment. “Okay. One... Two... Three!”

They both leaped up just as another wave of bullets came at them. Anomaly got her hands out in front of her, moving with almost inhuman speed, and a green-tinted wall that looked almost as if it were made of glass appeared in front of her. She started walking quickly, Ivy staying sure to have Anomaly in front of her. The bullets that hit the shield rippled into it and fell, almost as though it were slow motion. The men with the machine guns narrowed their eyes at it, stopped firing, and started coming towards them. Ivy nudged Anomaly so she would notice.

“What?” Anomaly asked, looking at Ivy, then at the others. She paused. “Oh. Dammit. Okay. Right. Um... We're going to have to run for it. Do you think you can knock the guns out of their hands and come after me? I need a few minutes to kind of get my magic back. That took a bit of effort just now.”

“It'll be annoying, but yeah, I suppose so. When?”


Anomaly put her arms down and ran. Ivy followed, then turned around and shoved her hands in front of her. The air rippled, the ripple hit the men, and their guns flew from their grasp and into the trees. Ivy took off running again as they turned to get their weapons. Unfortunately, they could see where Ivy and Anomaly were going, and once they had retrieved their weapons, they started after the two.

Ivy and Anomaly ran through the trees, ignoring the cuts they were getting from running into twigs and branches. It wasn't the matter of beating them in combat or not – they could do it without a doubt – it was much more the fact that those men had guns, and neither of them particularly wanted to be shot. They plunged out of the trees and nearly got themselves hit by a car that honked as it continued on driving. Ignoring the distraction, they darted into an alleyway and watched their new enemies run past.

Ivy turned to Anomaly, looked like she was about to say something sarcastic, but Anomaly gave her a mean look to tell her to shut up. Ivy scowled and crossed her arms, and Anomaly rolled her eyes. She peeked out from where they were hiding and cried out. Someone had been hiding along the wall outside. Ivy went to go help her, until someone leaped down from out of nowhere and landed in front of her, making Ivy stumble in surprise and fall over. She swore and got up, then went to just shove him aside, but Anomaly shouted. “Run!”

Ivy was going to, but then she looked over the shoulder of the person in front of her – having to stand on her toes in order to do it – and over to where Anomaly was. “Do I have to?”

Anomaly made a very irritated noise as she punched the person who had attacked her in the face. She chucked a pebble at Ivy. “Just leave now, before that guy in front of you shoots you with magical bullets or something of the sort.”

Ivy gave an exasperated sigh, then turned and ran. She could hear the man right at her heels. Speeding up, she started to put distance between them. She could out run him, hide, then attack from behind. That was a good plan. A good plan that could actually have worked, had Ivy not fallen on her face when she tripped on a crack in the concrete. She was about to get back up, but instead she cried out as the man following tripped on her, losing his gun in the process.

He composed himself quickly, then lunged at Ivy, who put her arms up to cover her head as he tried to punch her. Ivy shifted her arm so that her elbow smacked into his nose, and she kicked him in full the ribs to throw him off. His ribs made a satisfying crack. She kneeled on top of him and, thoroughly irritated that Anomaly was still in possession of her knife, she pressed her arm to his throat.

“Who are you?” she asked, annoyed that she was even in this fight.

“Why does it matter?” the man spat in response. He looked strong, his dark blond hair cut short, and he had an angry look on his face, probably having something to do with the fact that he was being pinned down by a thirteen year old girl.

“Hmm, let's see,” Ivy said, pretending to think about it. “Oh, that's right! You tried to kill me! I forgot!” She looked down at him, her voice with an edge. “I could always return the favour.”

“Oh yeah?” he replied, laughing an ugly laugh. “I'm not sure such a little girl would be capable.”

“That particular 'little girl' is currently in a wonderful position to snap your neck if you don't start talking.”

“I feel so intimidated.”

Ivy pressed her arm down harder. “Who told you to kill me and Anomaly?”

Any signs of a joke vanished, and he showed outright hostility. “I'm not saying.”

“Can I make a guess?”


“Is it Saturnine Morose? I have a feeling it is.”

He didn't answer her. Instead, his eyes flickered over his shoulder to something behind her.

Ivy turned around right as Anomaly came crashing into her, having been thrown by the person she had punched earlier. He was now looking considerably more injured than before. The man Ivy had been pinning down used this opportunity to escape. Ivy kicked at him and hit him in the throat as the rest of his group came, six more people, and surrounded them, still holding their massive machine guns.

Ivy and Anomaly glanced at each other, then attacked.

Anomaly grabbed the gun out of the hands of the nearest person and used the back of it to smack its owner in the head, knocking him unconscious. Someone lunged at Ivy and she jabbed her fingers in her eyes, punched him in the face, and smashed his head against her knee as he went down. Anomaly used the gun she was still holding to jab the next person in the stomach and kicked his legs out from under him. Another got on Ivy and pointed his gun at her, about to pull the trigger, but Anomaly was there to punch him while Ivy shoved the barrel of the gun out of her face; the bullet that would have hit her hit one of his comrades in the kneecap, and he collapsed. Ivy got up and yanked the gun out of the hands of her previous attacker, and despite Anomaly's cry of warning, she pulled the trigger and the bang sounded in her ears.

“No!” Anomaly cried, turning to Ivy, not caring how childish she sounded. “You can't just kill people! You can't!”

“You should have told that to him!” Ivy shouted back, suddenly incredibly angry. Anomaly doubted it was just because she had shouted at her, but couldn't figure out why else. “He tried to kill us first! All of them did! And now you're shouting at me about it, when all I did was stop that from happening!”

“You still didn't have to kill them! We were doing fine just with making them unconscious.”

“Fine!” Ivy screamed, so much frustration poured into it that Anomaly actually flinched. “Fine! Next time I'll just let them kill us!”

She threw the gun down and stormed off. Anomaly waited a second, then jogged to catch up with her, knowing it was probably a bad idea to try to talk to Ivy, but not knowing how many people she could put in danger if Ivy didn't calm down. An angry assassin with the attitude of a disturbed teenage girl was not the safest person to be around.

“Ivy, wait,” Anomaly said, trying to calm her down.

“Go away,” Ivy snapped, not looking at her.

“Just listen to me for a second-”

“Leave me alone!” she shouted, shoving Anomaly away, then vanished in a blast of blue light.
Anomaly blinked rapidly to get rid of the bright spots that were in her vision. Ivy was gone. The main problem was that Anomaly actually had no idea where she went, and no way to follow her, or stop her before she hurt someone.

This was not good.

So what do you guys  think? Is it good? Hmm? DO YOU LIKE IT?

Monday, April 1, 2013


Haha, yeah... The last post was a LIE.

Just saying.


I really need to get on with my story, don't I?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Writer's Block

You know, in the last, I don't know, three or four months, I haven't written much at all. The cause of this?


I hate it so much. Grrrrrrrr. It's like someone dropped an ice cream scoop of cement on my brain so I couldn't write.

(Just kidding. If that happened, I highly doubt I'd be here right now.)

So, for the better, I changed the ending of chapter three for my story, because I found that the source of my writer's block was the simple fact that I have no idea how to fight a troll. So... Well, I decided I didn't want Ivy and Anomaly to.

Sorry about that.

But on a happy note, I've actually started chapter four and I'm getting into it. Hopefully, I'll be putting in an awesome fight scene that I had randomly written a few days ago and wanted to add. Whoo hoo!

(You all can thank Buffy the Vampire Slayer for that. Lots of fighting there.)

So ANYWAY, that's that. Go back and read Chapter Three - and you might want to go back to the other ones too, just to refresh your memory - and then I SHOULD be posting something soon.