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It's finished! It's finally finished! YAY! I am DONE with this freaking chapter!

(*cough I'm ignoring the fact that it's about a hundred words shorter than it should be cough*)

It isn't really too good, it's mostly dialogue, but it's funny! At least to me! And sorry if it's all, you know, pooish, but I REAALY wanted to be done with this. I'm about to start chapter nine, because it'll be easy. Okay. Here's the actual chapter!


After they had gotten ice cream, because no matter how hard Anomaly and Audacious tried to get out of it Ivy insisted they do, Audacious told them he had to head home. It was weird to Ivy to think about going home to people. She had lived alone since she went insane and started murdering people.
Now it was just Ivy and Anomaly, and they were sitting in a small cafe, not really even doing anything aside from sitting. Ivy had her appearance altered so she had dark hair and dark eyes because Anomaly told her not to scare people, and she was playing with a straw by seeing how many tiny little pieces she could break it into before all it became was shreds. Every once in a while if she noticed someone looking at her, when Anomaly wasn’t, she let all the colour drain from her skin so she was as pale as usual, and grinned at the terrified faces of the people who saw her.
Anomaly finally broke the silence. “Ivy, you’re scaring people.”
“Am I?” Ivy asked with a slight smile. “I wasn’t entirely aware. My apologies.”
“Don’t apologise to me, apologise to the horrified people.”
“Oh, but look, they’re already gone.”

            “No they aren’t.”
“Too bad. Any particular reason why we’re here?”
“I have been researching,” Anomaly said.
            “When we got attacked by those mannequins—“
            “Cucumbers,” Ivy interrupted.
            “—I told you that the reason they could attack us was because some things possess magical properties and a few people have a little bit too. Remember?”
            “Of course I do. So what does that mean?”
            “Well, as I said, I researched, and I found out that it’s more than a few. There are other sorcerers than just the seven main ones.”
            “What?” Ivy asked. She had gotten quite used to the fact that there were only seven people with magic. It was confusing to try to think about there being lots of people who could use magic. “How is there more than a few? I mean, I know that there’s an exception to every rule. But how can there be more? If there’s more, the world would’ve been pretty much destroyed by now. Because we have a lot of power, even on our own.”
            Anomaly shook her head. “The other people don’t have every power like we do. They only practice one particular type of magic.”
            “What do you mean?”
            “I mean they only have one power. For example, if they wanted to, let’s say, teleport, then they can teleport. But that is the only thing they can do. They can’t do any other type of magic, only teleporting.”
            “Oh, I get it now,” Ivy said. “So what powers can they use? Like, are there any specific ones they have to pick from, or...?”
            “I don’t entirely know,” Anomaly answered. “I haven’t met many people – aside from you – who can even do magic, so I haven’t been able to ask.”
            “You haven’t met many. But that means you have, yes?”
            Anomaly hesitated only a moment. “Yes.”
            “Such as...?” Ivy asked, arching an eyebrow.
            “Such as no one of your concern.”
            “You do realise, of course, that I can simply read your mind to know, right?”
            “I’m afraid you can’t, Ivy. Being a Sorcerer, you can actually block people out of your mind.”
            “Really?” Ivy asked, curiosity in her voice.
            “Yep. Want me to teach you how?”
            Anomaly thought for a moment. “Okay, I’ll try to say something with my mind, and you can try to block me out.”
            “Okay.” Ivy waited for a few seconds, then heard Anomaly’s voice in her head.
            Hey Ivy, hey Ivy, hey Ivy, hey Ivy, hey Ivy, hey Ivy, hey Ivy...
            Ivy did her best to avoid her voice, but it wasn’t working.
            Hey Ivy, hey Ivy, hey Ivy, hey Ivy, hey Ivy, hey Ivy, hey Ivy...
            Stop!” Ivy shouted. Anomaly arched an eyebrow, and Ivy looked around to see that everyone in the cafe was looking at her in surprise. She realised her hands were over her ears – she must have put them there when Anomaly was talking to her with her mind – and she moved them away. Anomaly poked her arm.
            “Hey Ivy...”
            Anomaly grinned, the same type of mischievous grin Ivy had. “Hi.”
            “Hi? Hi? Anomaly, I swear I’m going to kill—“ She looked around and saw everyone was still staring at her. “Stop looking at me!”
            Everyone looked away abruptly, as if they were hoping Ivy hadn’t noticed them.
            “So,” Anomaly said, “you handled that well.”
            “Shut up.”
            Anomaly grinned again. “Fine. Back to the topic of my research, then. Where was I?”
            “Basically, you said that the other people who could do magic, aside from the Seven Sorcerers, could only use one particular type of magic,” Ivy told her.
            “Ah. Right. Yes. I did say that.”
            “I know you did. Could you get on with the subject?”
            “No, because I forgot what else I was going to say.”
            “Nice one, Anomaly. Nice.”
            “I know, right? But anyway... I guess I’ll just teach you how to a different time.” Anomaly looked at Ivy. “You’re disguise is kind of... wearing off.”
            “Really?” Ivy asked.
            “No, there’s a pickle on your face. Yes, really.”
            Ivy gave Anomaly an evil grin. “Can I...?”
            “No, Ivy.”
            “Oh, come on. You don’t even know what I was going to ask,” Ivy whined.
            “Yes I do,” Anomaly replied.
            “Prove it.”
            “Ivy, I read your mind. You were going to ask if you could stay around and scare everyone into thinking that you were dying because of your pale skin, and then make fun of them afterwards. I said no.”
            Ivy scowled. “You’re no fun.”
            “I’m a grown up. I reserve the right to be boring.”
            “Yeah, but you’re supposed to be fun. Because you’re Anomaly.”
            “That’s true,” Anomaly nodded. She thought for a moment. “We should probably leave before you give someone a heart attack.”
            They stood up and Ivy scooped up the tiny shreds that were what remained of the straw. On their way to the door, Ivy dropped the little pile in the garbage can. Right as they were about to step outside and leave, they heard someone shout.
            “Look at that girl!” a woman shouted.
            Both Ivy and Anomaly groaned.
            “What’s wrong with her?” someone else said. “She looks sick!”
            “We should call a hospital!” another person called out.
Ivy and Anomaly glanced at each other. It was then that Ivy collapsed to the floor and everyone in the cafe screamed.
Play along, came Ivy’s voice in Anomaly’s head. Ivy sounded like she was trying really hard not to laugh.
Anomaly rolled her eyes, then turned around so that she wasn’t facing outside anymore. She made her eyes widen. “Oh no!”
Anomaly didn’t say anything for a few moments; she just kind of stood there. The people around her started to glance at each other.
Someone spoke up. “Aren’t you going to do anything?”
She hesitated, then spoke quickly, as if she were trying to make up for the time she was silent. “Right, yes, yes. She... um... she’s fine.”
            “Fine?” someone said. “She’s on the ground!”
            “Oh. Um... yes. She’s not fine.”
            “This lady doesn’t know anything about this girl! I don’t even think they know each other! Someone else should do something!”
            Anomaly muttered under her breath, saying something along the lines of, “I’m going to kill Ivy later”. She raised her voice. “It’s fine, it’s fine. My... er...”
“Your what?”
“My... uh... sister forgot to take her medicine, that’s all. I’ll be hurrying out now.”
            She bent down to pick up Ivy, but hesitated, because picking up Ivy would be weird for both of them. Ivy opened one eye and Anomaly could tell that Ivy was holding back laughter. Anomaly glared at her, then thought of a better idea. She stuck her hand in her pocket and pull out a small piece of candy, then shoved it in Ivy’s mouth. She hauled her to her feet.
            “Look!” Anomaly announced, pretending to be full of joy. “My little sister’s fine! She just needed her medicine!”
            Anomaly practically dragged Ivy out the door, around the corner, and behind a building so they wouldn’t be seen. The instant they were out of sight Ivy burst out laughing.
            “Don’t do that!” Anomaly whined, acting like a little kid.
            “You,” Ivy said out of bursts of laughter, “are the worst actress of all of history.”
            “You,” Anomaly said back, “are the meanest thirteen-year-old in all of history!”
            Ivy shrugged, the laughter fading. “I’ll deal with it. So, what now?”
            “What do you mean?”
            “I don’t know; someone always seems to have an idea for what to do next. So I ask again: what now?”
            “Ah, I get what you mean. Now I think... um...” Anomaly thought for a moment. “Give me a minute to think about it...”
            Ivy waited, then a thought suddenly struck her. “What’s today?”
            “Thursday,” Anomaly answered. Ivy groaned irritably, and Anomaly couldn’t stop the grin from creeping across her face. “You have to go to a ball tonight.”
            “Shut up, Anomaly,” Ivy growled.
            “You have to wear a dress.”
            “Shut up.”
            “You have to look nice.”
            “I mean it, shut up.”
            “You have to wear a dress,” Anomaly mumbled, pretending it was to herself, yet she was entirely aware that Ivy could still hear her.
            “I hate you,” Ivy scowled.
            “I know,” Anomaly smiled back.
            “Like, I seriously hate you.”
            “I can tell.”
            “Someday, I’m going to kill you.”
            “You probably will.”
            “You are so annoying.”
            “So are you.”
            “I give up on this conversation,” Ivy sighed. Her phone beeped. She looked surprised that she would even be getting a message. She pulled out her phone and looked at it.
            “It’s a text from Audacious,” Ivy said as she read it. She smiled so suddenly that Anomaly just had to take the phone and check what it said.
            Anomaly will probably have a heart attack, but she’s coming to.
            Anomaly’s face fell and Ivy took her phone back. Anomaly’s  phone beeped a few seconds later and she checked it. It was also from Audacious.
            And you have to wear a dress.
            Ivy grinned, and Anomaly scowled, knowing entirely that Ivy was about to tease her.
            “So,” Ivy smiled, “I hear you have to go somewhere tonight.”
            “Shut up.”
            “I hear you have to go somewhere fancy...”
            “Ivy, stop.”
            “Why? You did this to me.”
            “I know...”
            Anomaly glanced at the time. It was about six in the afternoon. She scowled and put her phone back in her pocket. “We probably have to go and find some dresses now.”
            “Why?” Ivy asked. “We still have, like, four hours. How long can finding one stupid dress take?”
            “Some people at stores are so annoying and picky about things,” Anomaly answered, “that it can take much longer than you’d expect. Much, much longer. Trust me. It is not fun. You’re going to regret it for the rest of your life.”
            Ivy looked at Anomaly in utter horror. “So how long is that supposed to be?”
            “Hours. We will be stuck in one store, doing absolutely nothing, listening to people bicker, for hours.”
            Ivy’s shoulder’s sagged. “I can feel the pain already.”


  1. This is fantastic, Val! I thought it was hilarious! You really are an amazing writer. I'm very glad you posted again, because I really like this story. I honestly don't know where you get all these fantastic ideas for stories.

    Thank you for posting!

  2. Huzzah for more of the story! Thanks for putting more out here Val - as always, this was a job well done. Keep on writing!

  3. Best one yet... Hilarious, superb writing!