Wednesday, March 7, 2012

You people comment to quickly!

Seriously! I doubt I can fit very many more people! But there are a  few specific people I wanted to ask to use:

Possibly some of the other people I've known a while?

So, could YOU *flails arms randomly in the listed people's direction* tell me a character bio thingy?


  1. Taken name: Astrid Vanilla

    Given Name: Eve ( very much preferred. She only took a name to protect herself from evil civilianaliciouses. )

    Magic: Adept

    She can make everyone see her as their worst fear, like an illusion. When she decides to transform her appearance ( just an illusion) one person might see her as a spider, if that's their worst fear, another might see her as a snake, another might see her as a dementor, boggart boggart boggart. You know what I'm talking about, right?

    Spends her time sharpening her weapons. Her weapons being her sharp nails and her sharp teeth. Yes, her teeth. She uses them as her primary weapons, and she can move like lightning. The funny thing is, when she is somehow unable to use her nails and teeth, she has no strategical fighting method whatsoever. It's just grab, punch, headbutt, elbow, all in a somewhat frantic fashion.

    I'm not gonna bother with personality, you know me. Also I hate typing on my iPod. But just so you know, she never even flinches at the sight of blood. Or bits of flesh, or anything that falls off a person when they're being ripped apart by a zombie or something like that.

    She claims to be a werewolf.

    Oh yeah, appearance. Light brown hair ending at the shoulders, blue eyes. Reasonably tall. Yeah.

  2. Oh, more!

    History.....dun dada duuuun! Eve doesnt say much about her history. Here's what we know:

    She used to live in a happy family of five and a dog, then she suddenly got shot through a crazy mazy cannon all the way to Kenya. She lived with the lions, lived ON an elephant, then gave up on the whole land thing and hopped on a giant vulture called Mimi. And off to Australia they went! She migrates from place to place now, helping people out on their adventures and shouting at kids who can't spell 'humongous'.

    Or so she says.

    If Ivy suddenly started running towards Eve, she'd yell 'SLAUGHTERHOUSE' and shield her beautiful beautiful face with her sharp nails.

  3. *glares at people who commented from the last post*

    You are all evil. How dare you take advantage of commenting while I am sitting in class!

    Anyway, I would very much like to be in this, Val. If you have nothing against me (I hope you don't...) then I'll pull my profile from one of the blogs it's on in a few minutes when I get on a computer.

  4. Profile time!!

    Name: Zathract Mist

    Age: 15 years

    Magic: Elemental + Necromancy

    Adept Power: [N/A]

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Zathract is relatively cheerful, though is very determined when it comes to a case. He despises people who are classified as "evil" and classifies himself as one of "the good guys", as well he should. Zathract will tell an occasional joke but mostly sticks to whatever topic he and whoever else is discussing.

    Appearance: Zathract has long black hair that covers the back of his head and falls over his ears, blocking them from view. His eyes are emerald green and will stare into your soul, should he deem it necessary. His clothes consist of a black jacket, black pants and a black shirt, all made by Kassd None who is one of the best tailors in Australia, his qualities rivaling Ghastly Bespoke's in Ireland.
    He wears expensive sunglasses he likes to call shades and his boots are also made by Kassd.
    Zathract's gloves channel his Necromancy Magic.

  5. Part 2:

    History: When the seven year old Zathract had accidentally stumbled across the Australian Sanctuary, he took an interest to the hidden world at once and devoted himself to magic. Reluctantly, an Elemental mage named Masoling-Grid Ragikk took him under his wing and started teaching him how to use his magic abilities after it was discovered that he had quite a lot bottled up inside him. Zathract, Jake Frox back then, went through many processes including having to choose a name. He eventually chose the name “Zathract Mist” for reasons he will not reveal. Ragikk started calling Zathract “Zath” to annoy him and Zathract begun calling Masoling-Grid “Maso” in turn. They both cared for one another and saved each other’s lives many times. Each seemed destined to be partner in detective work, yet also to drive one another up the wall as often as possible.
    Zathract soon became employed by the Elders of Australia and he joined Ragikk in solving crimes and fighting various notorious villains. Unfortunately for Zathract, Masoling-Grid was killed while they battled Vathrasi, a warrior who had sided with Mevolent in the War. Vathrasi had decided to go against the Sanctuary who had done a deal with him and had taken up his old ways, moving against the Sanctuary.
    Fortunately, Zathract and Ragikk alerted the Elders before his Hollow Men breached the entrance and they were able to barricade the Sanctuary and reinforce its defences. It was a fierce battle when Vathrasi himself blew down the defences blocking the entrance and somehow, Masoling-Gird ended up battling Vathrasi alone. Zathract, only being ten at the time, was thoroughly confused and had his hands full with Hollow Men himself. He tried to help his partner, but it was too late. Vathrasi had struck and Masoling-Grid Ragikk fell.
    A month later the Sanctuary had been rebuilt and Vathrasi had vanished. No one knew whether or not he had been killed in the confusion, but Zathract knew he was still out there, weak and binding his time, waiting to strike again.
    Zathract swore to himself to take down Vathrasi for killing his friend and mentor, but he hasn’t seen Vathrasi since that day. Instead, he continued his detective work for the Sanctuary, alone now, but just as effective as he was with Ragikk. He soon heard that Nefarian Serpine had done a similar thing against the Ireland Sanctuary a few years back. In-between solving cases and bringing down more villains, Zathract attempted to track down Vathrasi, but he hasn’t had much luck so far.
    And then he had met Vai Melt, a women trained in Necromancy, while ending up in a temple in Australia when working on a case. He had heard about Necromancy before, but never had a desire to learn anything about it. Vai wasn’t like other Necromancers though. She seemed quite normal actually. She saw that he had Necromancer powers in him as well as Elemental, something that surprised Zathract quite a bit considering that he seemed quite talented in that area of magic already. Vai Melt taught him some basic Necromancy and he quickly excelled in the subject, choosing to channel the power through his gloves, something he would always keep on. The only problem with them now was they kept his hands thoroughly cold due to the death magic running through them. Though Vai could never replace Ragikk, she was still a comfort to him none the less.

    Zathract Mist continues to work for the Australian Sanctuary and works as a detective still.

  6. Argh! The Ivy charging thingamabob.

    He'd...uh...probably get his daggers out and prepare for a battle (because he doesn't know her of course).