Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Who wants to be in a story?

I've decided that I think I might want to write a story with people from Derek's blog in it, as well as Ivy and Anomaly. So anyone who wants to be in it, leave a description with your character's name, appearance, personality, power, possibly a tiny bit of their history, and most importantly, how they would react if they saw Ivy coming for them (that last one just seems funny to me).

I can only use so many characters, so it's first come, first serve. Also, if I seriously don't like you, I may just refuse to put you in. Although, there's only about two of you like that. so most of you shouldn't have to worry. I also might not be able to put you in if I don't know you well enough... but for those people, I have nothing against YOU, it'll just be a little hard...


  1. Me!

    Do I need to tell you anything else?

  2. Auron Xiphier (Oh-ron Zee-fee-er)
    has dirty blonde/brownish hair, has opinions that will never change and is an excellent argue-er. has the ability to freeze things in a block of ice with a single touch... and is a rival murderer of Ivy's... but will work with her if needed- oh, and is from upper Puget sound, in Fairhaven

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  3. Fact 1: Robin is a Sworn.
    Fact 2: The word 'Sworns' does not exist, it is collective singular.
    Fact 3: The Sworn are specialized in fighting daemons
    Fact 4: Robin is an original Sworn
    Fact 5: The original Sworn are more powerful than regular Sworn
    Fact 6: The Sworn have one of the four elements to use whenever and however they want, Robin's is fire
    Fact 7: The Sworn are basically speacialist fighters with a small amount of elemental magic
    Fact 8: Elemental magic if overused can go very, very wrong

    Fire Sworn, weopon is a katana. Robin's glows red with purple flecks, purple is a symbol of power in the Sworn (Other) World and so only the Originals have the purple. Oh they don't glow all the time by the way just when they have an intention to fight and their hand has to be on it.

    Other less important things:
    Red hair tied in to a low spiky pony tail that hangs over her left shoulder. Ice blue eyes ( I use her eyes a lot to show her personality). Easily aggravated, can be mean, doesn't think things through,(If you're planning to break into somewhere she'd walk up to the front door), she is quick to jump to conclusions, will kill things if they're in her way without mercy(lots o' hate built up in there). Hmmm, she is loyal though she'll never betray you once you're her friend. Doesn't suffer fools gladly, takes no prisoners but there is a sort of humbleness there, she is very protective of the Sworn and her friends. Openly mean but is honestly quite friendly. Don't be mean about birds or she is likely to behead you and is pretty much a pro nature freak.

    If Ivy is coming for her (in a bad way), she'd probably fight she's a little hot headed, she might loose but she'll die trying. If you're just walking towards her well, if you're in a bad mood she will just leave you to it, unless she's in a bad mood then she's probably looking for a fight.

    I'm getting far too into this. I will stop. Val, if you're finding that you're getting to many hot headed characters you can replace Robin with Lightning Silence she's like the complete opposite. Will do a bio for her if you want.

  4. Name: Kallista Pendragon
    Age: 16 years old
    Gender: Female
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Blue-green
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: Light
    Personality: Mysterious, yet cunning and mischievous, humorous and a bit of a trickster, in a clandestine way;
    tempered with a kind, loyal and protective nature towards friends. She is also protective of animals and
    individuals who are weaker, innocent, poor, and good.
    Wears: Anything from the Kodona to Aristocrat Lolita and Asian inspired clothing:Traditional to Modern.

    Nationality & Accent: Part Japanese, part Scottish/English, and part Greek. No accent but can
    mimic any accent as needed. She speaks clearly and precisely.
    Powers: She is a definite Elemental but has dabbled in other magical abilities as well. She has until age 20 or 21 to decide what her discipline will be.
    Favorite Weapons: Japanese samurai sword, Japanese hair picks, a Japanese fan, hand to hand combat.
    Other Skills: She is skilled at fire arms, all forms of martial arts and is a master illusionist.

    Mode of Transportation: Silver and black 2010 Ninja 2x14
    Never Seen Without: A Mona-Lisa type smile on her face
    Description: She is still very young, exotic, of medium height but very graceful and slender, giving her the appearance of being taller. She has thick long shiny black hair. She usually has her hair styled to fit with whatever she is wearing that day, whether the Kodona Lolita, Aristocrat Lolita, or Asian inspired clothing, she dresses with dramatic flair. She appears calm with a Mona Lisa smile.

  5. Lavender Hope
    Age: 15, almost 16

    Likes: being mostly friendly, hanging out with friends, making new friends, CHOCOLATE!, wearing long-sleeves, and getting into trouble

    Dislikes: vampires, anyone who messes with my friends, killing people, cause that's not how I am (but I'm okay with fighting), and people who are annoying.

    Magic: can transform into any animal. (Thought of by Star, given to me. Thank you Star!)

    My Description:

    Has dark hair, brown eyes, glasses (but likes using contacts if in fights so as not to break my glasses). Is smaller than I look, so I mostly act like a 10 year old, which gets a lot of people annoyed, and is perfect for an unsuspecting bad guy... But, sometimes, like when I fight, I am perfectly mature. Is hyper a lot, so I talk fast and get on peoples nerves. And when I'm hyper and excited, I start bouncing up and down on the spot. Talks and jokes a lot, but knows when things get serious (like when it comes to fighting), and tries to make my friends feel better when they get sad. Is very loyal to my friends. Hmm, what else... Oh, yeah. I use weapons, too. When I can, I like using a bow and arrow, but in close combat, I use daggers, or knives if you call them that. Easy to conceal, quick to bring out. At the moment, I only use one. It's hidden in a safe, secret pocket on the inside of my sleeve.

    1. i hope the description is okay and you can use my character...

    2. oh, one more thing. I like pants that aren't too tight. I'm a girl who likes her comfort. :P And I wear zip-up jackets that have hoods. sorry, i think that was three...

  6. I don't mind if you don't use my character Val, but I thounght I'd give you the option.
    Name: Lyra Blue

    Age: 66 (looks twenties)

    Magic: Adept

    Adept Abilities: Varied: excellent with weapons, difficult to injure, harder to kill. Combat specialty.

    Appearance: Lyra has jagged black silky hair that stretches to her shoulders. Her build is slim and has an average height and weight for a twenty year old. Her skin is pale and Lyra has dark brown eyes. She mostly wears clothes of black and red and seems to reserve white for special occasions.

    Personality: Lyra is actually a bit paranoid and it is displayed publically as she has at least six weapons on her at all times. She never trusts anyone under any circumstances and but observe people she could possibly count as allies while acting casual, not giving away the fact that she is watching them Blue is normally quiet unless selling something to earn herself a living.

    Lyra Blue deals in magical and non-magical weapons, selling them to make a living and using them to kill her opponents.

    I look forward to reading the story!

  7. Hi, yes, I wanna see what you do with my caracter... here,

    Thrust Ominous is an Elemental, and he's amazing with his skills. so amazing that... Ugh, can't think of the right words for it (I'll bet I will the second I hit "publish") HE'S REALLY GREAT, OKAY? he hates it when you say otherwise. He is a problem solver, and he doesn't give up until everything is EXACTLY as he wants it. You can't say as much for his school work; he is very lazy, and laid-back. he detests work involving sitting down and working while there is a world right outside his window to be explored. As you may know, he uses his reflection a lot, if you don't - TRAITOR - check out my blog. I mean... CHECK OUT MY BLOG OR I'LL BRING OUT THE PALATAPUS-MONKEY! (It's not him you should be worried about, it's his leetle friends...)
    He makes a joke whenever he can, even if the are bad or don't make sense.
    He is great with a swrod, and has two, but doesn't usually use both at once.
    (When it makes sense, i.e. chilly,) He wears light, grey winter coat, with lots of pockets and frequently finds stuff he forgot about in them, five bucks for instance, or a shoe lace, (not usually food unless it's in a bag...)
    If he's not wearing a coat, it's a protective dark hoodie-sorta thing.
    He wears a watch, he mostly wears pants with lots of pockets. and socks. And when he's out side - shoes.
    He has redish-brown hair, both actually, more brown than red, but red is very promonent.
    He fights magical and non-magical people in the eastern area of upper north america.

    And that's the caracter of Thrust Ominous. He's a bit like me, but more laid back, and I like to write. Oh, and in real life, I don't have Elemental powers, but that's the way it goes...

    I may have forgoten stuff mostly because it comes as comon sense to me for Thrust to have.

    If you don't use him it's YOUR LOSS, but I for some reason want to say thanks, cuz this is the first time I've actually written anything about Thrust, aside from his reflection's life.
    I have plans... We shall see what I do.

  8. Oh, yeah, age 14, almost 15. REALLY CLOSE.

  9. Name:Kali Nole

    Magic: Adept-can turn hands into weapons. Bombs, guns, knives and bottles of poison.

    Age: 62 (looks 22)

    Appearance:Long blondy-brown hair.Wears black tunic, black pants, and dark purple coat with silver hemming and edges. Tanned skin, and she has a small nose, red lips and eyes so black it looks like she doesn't have pupils.She is not fat, but she isn't like one of those insanely skinny girls.

    Personality: Generally kind and friendly. But during a fight, she is ferocious and a feared opponent. She has a great sense of humour. She was actually going to be a comedian, but then she discovered magic.

    She only trusts a few select people (three, to be exact). Kali works for the Australian sanctuary.

    I look forward to reading the story!

  10. I doubt I'll get in as I'm so late... Regardless, thank you Val for the opportunity! I'm thrilled you're writing another story. You write so well!

    Um, the Character Bio.

    Rosella Embers

    Age: 17

    Abilities: Elemental, but can use aspects of other magic occasionally. Is skilled in weaponry (Knives, blades, swords), martial arts and handling firearms and explosives

    Appearance: Dark, long hair, golden eyes, pale skin, taller than average, lean, wears black or casual clothing i.e. Shirts, jackets, jeans

    Personality: Quiet, shy, keeps to herself, though generally kind, will stand up for what she believes in

    History: Raised in a family of sorcerer assassins, in training to become one. Bears the family crest of two crossed naginata and a lynx.

    If she saw Ivy Animosity coming towards her... She'd brace herself for death. :P


  11. Here's my idea for you Ivy:

    Name: Tamora Vallis

    Age: 40 (looks 20ish)

    Birthplace: She was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, moved to Toronto, but now is a traveler. (though she still loves her country)

    Abilities: Elemental (her favorite element is water, but she excels in all four), skilled in the use of swords, and often combines both weaponry and magic into one awesome combo attack.

    Apperance: Shoulder length dirty blond hair, 5'10", skinny but muscular, hazel eyes, wears green and black often, and has both mortal and sorcerer's clothing. A piece of clothing she almost always wears is her green camo bandanna.

    Personality: A happy-go-lucky girl with people she's known for a while, she can be closed towards strangers. She can lie easily to new people, but it's harder around her close friends. She likes to make others laugh, but she doesn't agree that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, and she uses it often. Her Canadian accent isn't very strong, and not many people notice it.

    Background: A first generation sorcerer. She entered this world when she was 17, and never looked back. She does some work for the Canadian Sanctuary, but since it is a very small place, she often travels to America and the UK in search of more challenging work.

    Well'p, there you go. You don't have to use her - I know that lots of other people have been around longer, and it's only fair that they get in first. I can't wait to see your story!

  12. Name: Nixion Strange
    Age: 14, almost 15
    Magic: Adept
    Adept Ability/s: Bone Breaking – Tesseract
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Nixion is thin, just taller than the average 14 year old with brown eyes that carry a dark, tormented look in them. He wears a protective jacket on special occasions, but most of the time, Nixion just wears black leather jacket, black jeans and a t- shirt. Black boots cover his feet and he carries a machete with him at all times.
    Personality: Nixion Strange is very prone to mood swings. They can vary from becoming suddenly violent to being lost in thought to a cheerful teen. In a fight, Nixion can get overly violent and take it too far, sometimes accidentally injuring himself and his allies if in a rage which will occasionally allow him to lose control.
    History: At the age of ten, Nixion was kidnapped by a Sorcerer criminal and was forcibly taught the Bone Breaking Adept discipline. This was done with an insane combination of brainwashing and extreme torture upon Nixion which eventually changed something in his mind, thus creating his sudden mood swings. Finally, at 11, Nixion was abruptly released with no warning whatsoever. For a while, he lost himself to insanity and killed heaps of people (so he is quite often hated by most)To this day Nixion attempts to fight the brainwashing done on him which also explains his over-the-top violence at times. A year after he was released, Nixion Strange was saved by Zathract Mist from a horde of zombies and the two kind of latched on to each other. It isn’t safe to say they are friends at all, but they are allies but also seem to be arguing constantly over almost everything.
    Nixion Strange lives in Australia and helps Zathract Mist on cases for the Australian Sanctuary.