Thursday, March 8, 2012


Do you know how many people I'm supposed to fit in this story?! THERE'S TOO MANY! AHHH!

I think that, if I tried to write this, I would DIE.

So, I'm not going to put everyone in.

If I don't pick you, please don't be offended. I'm just going to be picking by whoever fits the story best. If you don't fit the story, it's just because I can't get your character quite right or you would probably be too difficult to put with Ivy. Because we all know she's a murderer. So, I will end up posting a list of people of who got in soon...


  1. But i'm a friend

    Can i be in it? Please?

  2. Val, if you come on today...

    If you go to Derek's blog now, you will find that it is broken, for now, so we have another place for people to comment. Go to:

    If you come on today, this is where we are meeting. I'll come back to say if Derek's blog is working again.

    1. Never mind, Derek's blog is now working again!!!! YAY!!!! I just checked twice! It works now! :O


  3. Name: Lynxia Lost

    Age: looks 14/15, is ???

    Magic: Adept, Necromancy and bone breaking

    Weapons: bow and arrow, 3 knives strapped to belt with lengths of 9cm, 11cm and 13cm.

    Appearance: Waist length almost-black hair. Eyes have white iris's but often wears blue contacts in mortal world so as not to freak them out. Wears a stripy black and white top with black skinnys and deck shoes normally but if on a job wears black short sleeved polar neck made of unknown thin material (makes it light :) ) with white skinnys, bear foot.

    History: Is the daughter of Tallulah Vengeance, a psycho who killed loads of people before being locked up. Unknown dad. When she was 6 she ran away to Necromancer Temple to train. However, when she was 10 she hit the High Priest because he degraded her in front of others. She then became apprenticed to Tesseract. Now that Tesseract is dead she has taken over his job and recovered his files and took on any awaiting work.

  4. Name: Nixion Strange
    Age: 14, almost 15
    Magic: Adept
    Adept Ability/s: Bone Breaking – Tesseract
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Nixion is thin, just taller than the average 14 year old with brown eyes that carry a pitiful tormented look in them. He wears a protective jacket on special occasions, but most of the time, Nixion just wears black leather jacket, black jeans and a t- shirt. Black boots cover his feet and he carries a machete with him at all times.
    Personality: Nixion Strange is very prone to mood swings. They can vary from becoming suddenly violent to being lost in thought to a cheerful teen. In a fight, Nixion can get overly violent and take it too far, sometimes accidentally injuring himself and his allies if in a rage which will occasionally allow him to lose control.
    History: At the age of ten, Nixion was kidnapped by a Sorcerer criminal and was forcibly taught the Bone Breaking Adept discipline. This was done with an insane combination of brainwashing and extreme torture upon Nixion which eventually changed something in his mind, thus creating his sudden mood swings. Finally, at 11, Nixion was abruptly released with no warning whatsoever. For a while, he lost himself to insanity and killed heaps of people (so he is quite often hated by most)To this day Nixion attempts to fight the brainwashing done on him which also explains his over-the-top violence at times. A year after he was released, Nixion Strange was saved by Zathract Mist from a horde of zombies and the two kind of latched on to each other. It isn’t safe to say they are friends at all, but they are allies but also seem to be arguing constantly over almost everything.
    Nixion Strange lives in Australia and helps Zathract Mist on cases for the Australian Sanctuary.