Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Short Story!

Okay, I thought you people might want to read this - it's a short story I wrote for an assignment in sixth grade, aka last year. I remembered hating the fact that I had to write it, but I read over it today and figured out why I got the best grade possible on it. anyway, it's COMPLETELY different to my normal writing style, so... Here you go!

My Strange Story on How I Became a Mouse and What Happened Next

                My name is Emma and, as odd as it sounds, I’m twelve years old, currently a mouse, my best friend is a green stuffed monkey, and once I danced with what used to be a slice of bread. I used to be a human, but… it’s kind of a long story. It’s pretty interesting, though, so I guess I’ll tell you. Here’s how it goes:
One day, when I was walking through a meadow, it happened. I did, of course, sort of expect something bad to happen. Bad things always happen to innocent young girls in meadows. I bent down to look at a leaf, and when stood back up, there was someone running towards me.                                                                   
The person was, to say it simply, crazy. It was an old woman wearing a banana suit making a sound like a dying cat. She was holding an empty roll of tape, and I’m pretty sure it was empty because the tape was in her mouth.
                She ran straight into me, knocking me down. When I turned to look at her, she spit out the tape in my face.
                “Gross!” I screamed in disgust.
                Now the lady was doing some sort of dance. She was swinging her arms wildly, spinning in circles, and instead of a dying cat, the noise she was making sounded more like a choking duck.
                I stood up and took a few steps back to keep my distance from the lady. “What the heck is wrong with you?” I said, loud enough so she could hear me over her duck sound. “Are you insane?”
                She stopped whatever it was she was doing immediately. She turned to face me and within less than 2 seconds I could tell she was angry.
                You dare insult me?” she screeched. “You must pay!”
                “Wait, what?”
                She closed her eyes and started to whisper to herself. She did that for about a minute, then she started floating. She pointed at me and her eyes snapped open.
                Before I knew what was happening, I started shrinking. My hair turned into white fur that covered my entire body. My hands and feet turned to little paws. I grew a tail. I was a mouse.
                What did you do?” I shrieked. Amazingly, I was still speaking English. For that, I am grateful.
                She didn’t answer. Instead, she started shaking like crazy. She fell down and curled up, the shaking getting more violent. Then she exploded.
                I’m not entirely sure what happened next. I was in shock. I was shocked with the fact I was now a mouse, I was shocked that the lady started floating, I was shocked that she just exploded into a cloud of rainbow confetti that was now being taken away by the wind. I must have fainted, though, because the next time I opened my eyes, there was a person standing over me.


                The person, wasn’t really a person. It was a stuffed animal. It was green, it was a monkey, and it had a magic wand and wings.
                “Hello?” it asked. “Uh, hello? Could you wake up? You’re taking up my space.”
                I slowly sat up. I looked around at my surroundings. I was in a brightly colored room with sky blue walls and a wide window. I had no clue where I was.
                “Who are—“ I started, but the monkey interrupted.
                “Let me guess,” it said, “you were going to say, ‘Who are you’ and ‘Where am I’, right?”
                I nodded.
                “Then let me answer your questions. My name is Mr. Cuddles, and you are in my house. And you are…?”
                “My name is Emma. Um, why are you talking? Stuffed animals can’t talk.”
                “Well, that’s like me saying mice don’t talk. I talk because I can.”
                “Mice don’t talk.”
                “Then why are you talking?”
                “Because I’m a…” I started, then I remembered what had happened. “Wait, am I still a mouse?”
                Mr. Cuddles looked at me oddly. “Uh, yeah, you’re still a mouse. Haven’t you always been a mouse?”
                “No, I was a human. But some psycho old lady turned me into a mouse. Then she exploded.”
                “Oh,” Mr. Cuddles said; nodding like he understood perfectly. “She was crazy. Good thing she exploded. I’m definitely glad about that.”
                I stared. “You’re glad? How can you be glad that she’s dead? I mean, I know she was crazy and all, but still… that doesn’t mean you should be glad.”
                “I’m glad because she goes around messing with people,” Mr. Cuddles said in a reasoning tone. “The world is a better place without her. Besides, no one wants her to use magic on them. It’s impossible to undo.”
                My eyes bulged. “What?” I shouted. “Impossible? I’m going to be stuck as a mouse FOREVER?
                “That’s right,” Mr. Cuddles said brightly. “Better you than me. I would hate being a mouse. Always having to watch out for hawks and owls and snakes and cats—“
                “You’re not helping!”
                “Oh yeah. Sorry. I can’t turn you back to a human, even though my magic wand is amazingly strong, her magic is still impossible for me to undo. But I can take you some where you’ll be welcome. One more thing. Don’t scream.” And with that, Mr. Cuddles grabbed my arm and we flew out the window.
                I will admit, that when we started flying, I did scream. I screamed for about a minute and a half until I realized Mr. Cuddles had wings, and that Mr. Cuddles might not be as nice as I thought and might drop me for screaming when he specifically told me not to.
                I watched as the trees and flowers zoomed past. Everything looked so pretty from up here, even if it’s all just a blur. It must be amazing to be able to fly, I thought to myself. Then I thought about how if anyone saw us, they would have seen a flying green stuffed animal holding onto a mouse and would probably think they were as crazy as the old lady in the banana suit.
                We flew for what seemed like a half an hour, then we were falling. We hit the ground hard. I looked around. We were in a forest of some sort. And we must have attracted a good amount of attention, because soon there were birds all around us.
                “Oh, crud,” Mr. Cuddles said quietly.
                The birds stared at me. I stared at the birds. “Hi,” I said in a friendly tone. “Lovely weather we’re having.”
                They continued to stare. A few cocked their heads. Apparently, an attempt at friendliness wasn’t going to work.
                “Hey, Mr. Cuddles,” I whispered. “Let’s get out of here.”
                “Good idea,” he whispered back. “Just be sure to hold on tight.”
                I nodded and he grabbed my arm. We rose off the ground slowly. The birds did the same. We went about 3 feet, still going pretty slow, then Mr. Cuddles spoke quiet enough so only I could hear and said, “You ready? Because if you fall off, I’m not positive you’ll live, and if you do live, I don’t think I’ll be able to come back. So hold on.”
                I nodded. Mr. Cuddles stayed still for a moment, then flew so fast I thought my arms were going to be yanked out of their sockets. It felt like someone had launched us out of a cannon. I thought I was going to fall off any second now.
                The birds weren’t gaining at all. Mr. Cuddles and I were at least 40 feet ahead of them. The birds figured that we weren’t worth their while and decided to quit. However,  that didn’t cause Mr. Cuddles to slow.
                After 20 minutes or so, we came to a stop and landed. We were stopped outside a small building. When I say small, I mean literally 5 feet tall. Mr. Cuddles knocked on the door and waited.
                We were waiting for a minute, then a small grey mouse opened the door. “Mr. Cuddles,” it said in a quiet voice, “so glad to see you. You and your friend may come in.” it turned and back inside. We followed.
                The inside looked way different than I had been expecting. I had expected everything to be cluttered and dirty, but it was almost the exact opposite. The building was like a ballroom; filled with more mice than I had ever seen. There were snacks everywhere, and everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves.
                “Do you like it?” Mr. Cuddles asked from behind me.
                “Yes, it’s amazing. I was expecting something completely different.” I paused for a moment. “What if they won’t let me stay? There’s already a ton of people, or should I say mice, here.”
                “You’ll be welcome, don’t worry. You have my recommendation.”
                Neither of us spoke for a while, then Mr. Cuddles said, “You need a friend, don’t you?”
                I turned as he pulled out his magic wand. He pointed it at a slice of bread. Then to my amazement, the bread jumped up and turned into a light grey mouse.
                I stood there, shocked. He walked over to me and said, “Can I dance with you?”
                Before I could answer, he grabbed my paw and wasn’t giving me a choice. He spun me in what seemed like a thousand circles before he stopped. Then he vanished.
                “Oops,” said Mr. Cuddles. “I guess he was crazy.”
                “Yep.” I thought I heard something, then figured it was my imagination.
                “Oh well.”
                I was about to respond when I heard a sound like a dying cat. I looked out the window. I could see an old lady in a banana suit coming towards the building.
                “But I thought she was—“ I began to say but Mr. Cuddles interrupted.
                “You thought right. She is dead.”
                “Then how come she’s walking towards us?”
                “She isn’t. Didn’t I tell you? She has a twin sister.”

                                The End


  1. I love it, Val!

    Thats an awesome story! Its crazy and fun and most certainly lightens the mood!

  2. This is the best story ever, Val. I love it so much I wish I had writen it. I bet you I can find something crazier if I shovel through my piles of papers.
    did you make it up as you went along? cuz the bread thing was cool.
    I love these school assignment thingies, because you have to finish them otherwise you're dead, so those are basically the only ones I ever finish.