Sunday, November 6, 2011

Don't Capture Ivy

Ivy Animosity sighed as Asininity Blunt entered the room. Asininity was short, bony, and not the least bit frightening. He was wearing a ridiculously long cape, and even with a tiny glance, you could tell it was taking him a great effort not to trip on it.

"At last," Asininity said, "I've captured the great Ivy Animosity."

Ivy raised an eyebrow. "I know that I'm great, everyone does, it's obvious, but honestly? I'm thirteen. Was that such a difficult task? If I hadn't been sleeping, you wouldn't have had a chance against me. And how do you know that I'm even Ivy? I could be someone else entirely."

Asininity glared for a moment. "I know you're Ivy. You fit the description I was given."

"So? There could be a thousand other people who look like me."

He shook his head. "No. No, you're the girl with dark hair, the indigo eyes, and the pale skin. I know you're Ivy."

It was true. Ivy had long, wavy hair so dark it looked almost black, and skin so pale you could nearly see her veins. It was her eyes, though, that gave her away. Her eyes were a dark indigo. And she was also known for her unusual skills.

"OK," she said, "fine, I'm Ivy. You guessed correctly. Congratulations. But I feel the need to ask: why'd you capture me in the first place?"

"You tell me. You're the one who can read minds."

"You have no proof."

"Yes, I do."

"Really? Do you? Prove it. Prove that I can read minds."

Asininity grinned, but remained silent. This girl's an idiot, he was thinking. There's no way she could've done everything she's known for.

"Hey!" Ivy shouted. Asininity's smile grew, and Ivy swore under her breath. She instantly knew what she'd done. She'd just proved to him exactly want he wanted her to.

"So you can read minds. Not for long, though. When I'm finished with you--"

Ivy rolled her eyes. "When you're finished with me I'll be a bloody corpse, I'll be regretting my life decisions, I'll be dead, whatever. I'm not the slightest bit scared of you." She paused. "In fact, you're scared of me. I know it."

"I'm not scared of you!" Asininity shouted.

Ivy grinned. "Yes,  you are. You think I'm intimidating."

"I do not!"

"You do. I can read minds, remember?"

Asininity glared. Ivy took one step foward and he practically flinched. Ivy laughed.

"That's it!" Asininity screeched angrily. He put his hand in his pocket and with drew a switch. Grinning at Ivy, he pushed the button on top.

And nothing happened.

He pushed it again, harder this time, and that's when it actually worked.

Ivy heard the wall behind her opening and spun around. A huge blade swung out of the wall. Ivy flipped backwards to dodge it. She looked at Asininity, who was arching an eyebrow at her. She glared at him for a moment then dived to the floor to avoid the spear that flew over her head. She felt the floor around her shifting, so she rolled to the side and jumped up. She heard Asininity's thoughts.

The poison darts, he thought. She'll never be able to dodge those.

Ivy heard something above her moving. She looked up. Hanging from the ceiling, about to fall, were darts tipped with what Ivy knew was poison. She looked at Asininity, who grinned, and pointed above Ivy's head. The darts started falling.

Ivy waited a moment, then decided to use one of her other skills. Ivy clapped her hands together, once, then held them above her head. Two streams of dark blue light shot from her hands, hitting the darts, obliterating them completely.

She heard a gasp and turned around. Asininty was staring at her in complete shock. He was scared. Ivy grinned at him. Then, surprisingly, he grinned back.

The sword in the wall. She won't be able to hear it behind her. That'll stop her.

Ivy dropped to the ground, waiting until she figured it was safe. Then Asininity screamed.

She glanced up. The sword had shot out of the wall, but not at her. It had been in the wall behind him. It had hit Asininity in the side. She looked at him.

"What are you doing?" he gapsed. "Help me!"

Ivy got to her feet and arched an eyebrow. "Help you? You just tried to kill me! No, I'm not helping."

"Please," he whimpered. "Please help me. You can leave afterwards, I promise."

Ivy sighed. She walked over to where Asininity was. He whimpered again. She grabbed the sword's handle and yanked it out of his side.

"Thank you," he said weakly.

"No problem," Ivy said, then punched him in the face and he fell over.

When she was certain she he wasn't going to be able to follow her anytime soon, she turned to the door, taking the sword with her,  and walked away.

The End.


  1. ummmm.... *wonders*

    i loved that so much... write more, take my offer, and let me use her in my story please?

    but overall, write more parts to this story i love ivy animosity, and i cant wait to read more about her


  2. Thanks Flame! Don't worry, there'll be plenty more stories about her :D

  3. Its really cool Val! Ivy is a great oc :)