Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ivy Animosity Has A Mission

Ivy Animosity had been told she needed to do something. Something important. Something clever. Something sneaky. And if she was good at anything, it was that exactly. She was to receive a phone call soon, explaining what the actual mission was.

Ivy's phone started ringing. Excitedly, she answered it. "Hello?"

"Is this Ivy Animosity?"

"It is."

"I'm afraid I need you to answer a few questions, just to be sure. How old-"

"I'm 13, have hair that's said to be darker than night, indigo eyes, very pale skin, and have special skills, including reading minds. That answers all the questions, unless there's any new ones."

The caller hesitated. "That answers all of the verification questions," they said. "You have an assignment."

"I heard. Can you tell me what it is?"

Ivy heard the caller looking through papers on the other end of the call. Finally, they found what they were looking for. "You, Ivy Animosity," the caller began as Ivy crossed her fingers, "have been assigned to... to help Miss Anomaly Despair get groceries."

Ivy's face fell. "You're kidding. I... I have to help someone get groceries?"

"Yes. They requested your service in helping with groceries, and will arrive where you are soon. Goodbye." The caller hung up.

Ivy sat down on her couch, disappointed, and kicked the coffee table. The table flew into the air and was smashed to smithereens when it came in contact with the wall. She sighed. That was the third thing she'd broken this week. She crossed her arms and leaned back. She felt insulted. And slightly embarrassed. The Great Ivy Animosity, helping someone with groceries. Sulking, Ivy waited.

About two and a half hours later, Ivy woke up to a knocking at her door. She stood up, stretched, and walked over to the door. She opened it. Standing there was a girl who looked about 23. She had  curly dirty blonde hair and green eyes. Whereas Ivy was wearing a black zip-up jacket, black jeans, black boots, and a shirt with an Irish flag on it, the other girl was wearing grey jeans, a light blue shirt, and white sneakers.

Anomaly Despair looked surprised when Ivy had opened the door. "You're... A thirteen year old."

"Yes, I am," Ivy replied. "Is there a problem with that? I mean, if there is, you could always go get your groceries by yourself."

"Well, I have no problem with it at all. I was just surprised."

"So where are we going to go? Top Foods? QFC? Diagon Alley?"

"None of those places," Anomaly responded. "We're going to the Store."

"A store? There's, like, a million stores around here."

"Not a store, the Store. It's a giant building that sells odd things. But it isn't safe. Some people don't even come out alive."

Ivy looked at her with her indigo eyes. "And you think that scares me? Because it doesn't. Whenever someone says something like that about someplace I go, I come out alive. Usually, the other person does too."

Anomaly shrugged. "I was just giving you a heads up."

"Well then, let's go."

"We're waiting."

"For who?"

"For someone."

Ivy sighed. "You're really annoying, you know that?"

"You aren't the first to tell me that," Anomaly said, then pulled out her phone and checked the time. She put it back in her pocket, then looked at Ivy. "Let's go."

Ivy frowned. "I thought we were waiting for someone."

"No. I was lying. Come on." Anomaly turned and started walking away. Ivy reluctantly followed.

"This is the Store?" Ivy asked skeptically, looking around. They were in a huge building with bad lighting. There weren't too many people, as far as Ivy could see, and the Store had normal things to be selling. Food. Water. Flowers. But the strange part was that in the normal categories, the odd things had mixed in. Very odd things.

"Yep. Don't touch anything. It might try to kill you," Anomaly warned.

Anomaly started walking, motioning for Ivy to stay close.  Making sure Anomaly wasn't looking, Ivy leaned down and poked the nearest thing. It looked sort of like a banana. It bit her hand.

"Ow!" Ivy said, yanking the banana off her hand.

Anomaly turned around, and immediately rushed over to where Ivy was. She looked around, checking that no one had  heard Ivy. "I told you not to touch anything!" Anomaly whispered, irritated.

"And I deliberately disobeyed you," Ivy answered.



"Because I told you to!" Anomaly whispered. "I know you don't want to, but you have to be quiet. And stay near me - I know my way around pretty well."

Ivy rolled her eyes. "If it's so dangerous for me," she whispered, "than how come you wanted to take me with you? You just said to follow you, and to stay quiet, probably so people won't notice us. Here's some news for you: a thirteen-year-old is pretty noticable in here. Especially me, because I look pretty different from everyone I've ever met. Why on earth would you need my help?"

"Because," Anomaly said slowly, "there is somewhere in this store I cannot get past. The part when I need to leave. And I need someone who's a good fighter - you - to help me get out. With my stuff."

"Oh. Well, let's get your groceries, so I can do some fighting."

"Ok." Anomaly lightly gripped Ivy's arm, to make sure she didn't mess with anything or wander off, and started walking.

They walked past some of the oddest things Ivy had ever seen. There were the bananas who bit people...

I'll get back to this in a little while...